August 14, 2002
Company: Siemens Medical Solutions USADate of Enforcemet Report: 8/14/02 Class: I PRODUCT e.soft software version 2.0 used on all E.CAM Emission Imaging Computed Tomography Systems with e.soft A or e.soft A/P nuclear medicine workstations. Recall # Z-1189-2. REASON Incorrect image time stored for static images resulting in incorrect results. CODE e.soft software version 2.0 installed...
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On August 14, 2002, the HIPAA final privacy rule 45 CFR Parts 160 and 164 were modified to respond to comments and to reduce the administrative burden of the rule.  A copy of the new rule can be view here:  HIPAA Modified Final Privacy Rule 2002-08. Medical Device manufacturers that produce devices that will maintain patient...
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Company: Baxter Healthcare CorpDate of Enforcement Report: 8/14/02 Class: I PRODUCT Logix-CM Compounder Software. Recall # Z-1203-2. REASON Software allows ingredient concentration errors during compounding. CODE Catalog #2M8400, Logix-CM software version 1.0.2. RECALLING FIRM/MANUFACTURER Baxter Healthcare Corp., Round Lake, IL, by telephone on June 18, 2002. Firm initiated recall is ongoing. VOLUME OF PRODUCT IN...
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Our cybersecurity experts are NESSUS Pro Licensed and can quickly remediate cybersecurity deficiencies with your medical device or digital health software.  Planning, requirements, validation, and submissions – we can assist with all.

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