Recall – CT Scanner System software defect can lead to image loss

Company: Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd.
Date of Enforcement Report: 5/29/2019
Class II


NeuViz 64 Multi-slice CT Scanner System Product Usage: The Multi-Slice CT Scanner System can be used as a whole body computed tomography x-ray system featuring a continuously rotating x-ray tube and detector array. The acquired x-ray transmission data is reconstructed by computer into cross-sectional images of the body from either the same axial plane taken at different angles or spiral planes taken at different angles.

Recall Number: Z-1279-2019

NeuViz 128 Multi-slice CT Scanner System

Recall Number: Z-1280-2019

NeuViz 16 Essence Multi-slice CT Scanner System

Recall Number: Z-1281-2019


Software defect: For Helical scan with ClearView function, when small arc (uninterrupted scan) occurs during scan, there will be some electromagnetic interference in the system which may affect the control signal of the flying focal spot, resulting in an incorrect flying focal spot sequence. If the system does not receive error, it would continue to complete the scan with the incorrect flying focal spot sequence, having an effect on the reconstruction of some images, resulting in image loss.


Neusoft Medical Systems Co., Ltd. on 10/22/2019. FDA Mandated.



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