Recall – Infusion Pump data recorded 100x actual rates

Company: Philips North America, LLC
Date of Enforcement Report: 6/19/2019
Class III


Philips Patient Information Center iX configured with a regional setting which uses a comma for a decimal separator: 866389 Patient Information Center iX B.01 (or later); 866390 Patient Information Center iX B.01 upgrade (or later) Product Usage: The intended use of the Information Center Software is to display physiologic waves, parameters, and trends, format data for strip chart recordings and printed reports, and provide the secondary annunciation of alarms from other networked medical devices at a centralized location. The Information Center Software provides for the retrospective review of alarms, physiologic waves and parameters from its database. An additional intended use of the Information Center Software is to provide primary annunciation of alarms and configuration and control access for networked telemetry monitors

Recall Number: Z-1771-2019

Philips IntelliBridge System configured with a regional setting which uses a comma for a decimal separator: 866417 IntelliBridge System C.01 (or later) 866418 IntelliBridge System C.01 upgrade (or later) Product Usage: The IntelliBridge System is indicated for use in data collection and clinical information management either directly or through networks with independent bedside devices. The system is not intended for monitoring purposes, nor is the system intended to control any of the clinical devices (independent bedside devices / information systems) it is connected to. The IntelliBridge solution is intended for use in professional healthcare facilities by trained healthcare professionals.

Recall Number: Z-1772-2019


Infusion Pump Data Storage Accuracy-Data from the BBraun Space LAN or Arcomed UniqueDoc infusion pumps transmitted via the HL7 output interface through the Patient Information Center iX using a LAN driver may be recorded in the patients chart or electronic medical record at exactly 100 times the actual bolus rate, infusion rate and total volume values


Philips North America, LLC on 6/19/2019. Voluntary:  Firm Initiated recall is ongoing.



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