Recall – Diagnostic imaging system may lose configuration settings

Company: Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc
Date of Enforcement Report: 10/21/2020
Class II


Artis zee or Artis Q systems (listed below)

Product Usage: for single and biplane diagnostic imaging and interventional procedures.

System Name/Material Number: Artis Q BIPLANE 10848282 ARTIS Q CEILING 10848281 Artis Q floor 10848280 ARTIS Q ZEEGO 10848283 ARTIS Q.ZEN BIPLANE 10848355 ARTIS Q.zen ceiling 10848354 Artis Q.zen floor 10848353 Artis zee Biplane 10094141 Artis zee ceiling 10094137 Artis zee floor 10094135 Artis zee floor 10094135 Artis zee multi-purpose 10094139 Artis zeego 10280959

Recall Number: Z-0108-2021


Potential exists for the collision supervision not to work properly following loss of the individual room configuration data settings causing danger of collision with fix mounted room equipment, walls or floor may occur. This might cause components of the system to fall or tilt which could result in crushing of patients, operators or staff, collision of system parts with patients, as well as result in delay or interruption of the clinical procedure.


Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc. on 8/3/2020. Voluntary:  Firm Initiated recall is ongoing.


124 U.S


U.S. Nationwide

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