May 19, 2021
Company: Haag-Streit USA Inc. Date of Enforcement Report: 5/19/2021 Class II PRODUCT Eyesuite 9.3.1 software, LENSTAR, MODEL LS900: ac-powered slit-lamp biomicroscope. Recall Number: Z-1560-2021 REASON Examination data and patient name may be mixed up when printing or generating a pdf with the interface at Pacific Coast and Laser Institute (PCLI). RECALLING FIRM/MANUFACTURER Haag-Streit USA Inc...
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Company: Meridian Bioscience Inc Date of Enforcement Report: 5/19/2021 Class II PRODUCT Revogene RNA Software Upgrade Kit Revogene RNA Software Upgrade USBs Catalog Number: 610240 IVD used to install the Revogene System Software version 4.2.0, import the Revogene Instrument Control Protocol file for RNA-based assay, and install the Assay Definition File (ADF) file. Recall Number:...
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The FDA’s Office of Science and Engineering Laboratories (OSEL) works to promote the innovation and development of new lifesaving medical devices. Their goal is to use the latest science to expedite the development of medical devices. The FDA would like to bring awareness to the 20 research programs that are in place for the advancement...
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Cybersecurity Review

Our cybersecurity experts are NESSUS Pro Licensed and can quickly remediate cybersecurity deficiencies with your medical device or digital health software.  Planning, requirements, validation, and submissions – we can assist with all.

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