Recall – Patient monitor experiences multiple performance issues

Company: Philips North America LLC
Date of Enforcement Report: 5/5/2021
Class II


Philips Xper Flex Cardio (FC2010, Procedure Room and FC2020, Bedside Monitor) devices – intended for use by professional healthcare providers for complete physiologic/hemodynamic monitoring Service numbers associated with the following:

FC2010: Xper Flex Cardio 2010 Rev A 453564241901 Xper Flex Cardio 2010 Rev B 453564483321 Flex Cardio FC2010 Rev C 453564621791 Xper Flex Cardio 2010 REV C RUEXCHANGE 453564675021 Xper Flex Cardio 2010 Rev D 453564669081 Xper Flex Cardio 2010 Rev D Russia 453564674581 Xper Flex Cardio FC2010 Rev E 453564845841 Xper Flex Cardio 2010 Rev E Russia 453564845881 Service numbers associated with FC2020: Xper Flex Cardio 2020 Rev A 453564241911 Xper Flex Cardio 2020 Rev B 453564483331 Flex Cardio FC2020 Rev C 453564621801 Xper Flex Cardio 2020 Rev D 453564675001 Xper Flex Cardio FC2020 Rev E 453564845861 Software version number: 1.5.19 and 1.6.8

Recall Number: Z-1517-2021


Performance issues with the Xper Flex Cardio Physio Monitoring System include: potential delay of up to 10 seconds in displaying ECG, invasive blood pressure and other parameters; patient weight is rounded to the nearest whole kilogram;Xper IM software used with the Xper Flex Cardio Physio Monitoring System may periodically crash; No SpO2 numeric or plethysmography is displayed when SpO2 is connected o the Flex Cardio device; display of certain data from the FC2010 becomes frozen, i.e., waveforms cease sweeping and updating and the ECG, IBP, and respiration numeric values cease to update;e ECG, IBP, and respiration waveforms become flat lines and no audible alarms are produced for HR and IBP, upon start up, an unexpected non physiological ECG waveform, erratic heart rate numeric value, and non-physiological display of any other active waveforms may appear on the Boom Monitor.


Philips North America LLC on 3/29/2021. Voluntary:  Firm Initiated recall is ongoing.


9208 units WW


U.S. Nationwide and International

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